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          Extended Business Office Services (EBOS)

          Sequoia provides off-site extended account receivable management services on all or selected active receivables. This includes all billing and follow-up on any pre-determined financial classes. Our specialty program can optimize liquidation within any of the following financial classes.

          • Medicare
          • Medicaid
          • Managed Care Insurance
          • Commercial Insurance
          • Victim of Crime
          • Third Party Liability
          • Workers’ Compensation
          • Payment Reviews/Extended Payment Plans
          • Charity Care Screening and Qualification

          Early-out Pre-collection Program

          This program is customized according to the Client’s specific requirements and improves cash acceleration within self-pay or insurance follow up. We offer first party customer care, retention, and follow up.

          Self Pay

          Once again, the collection follow up and work standards are customized for each client relative to their specific needs and business practices. Credit reporting, extensive skip tracing, and litigation are value added benefits to our third party collection platform.

          Legal Representation

          As an added value to our clients, Sequoia maintains a full in-house Civil Litigation Department with on-site attorneys and a paralegal staff available daily to answer any healthcare and/or account receivable management related questions. The attorneys are specialists in healthcare collections and are experts in federal, state and local regulations related to healthcare debt law.

          Workers’ Compensation

          Sequoia offers a unique program which includes auditing and zero balance review of your inventory at no cost to you until further reimbursement is obtained.

          Free Specialized In-House Training?and Seminars?on How?to Improve Your Revenue Collection Cycle

          Contact us at (888) 544-9711 to obtain more information?about our in-house training and seminar programs.

          Compliance?and Data Security

          Secured FTP sites, EDI and email. Access to online portal for monitoring and audit purposes. Call recording available.


          Sequoia values all of its personal and business relationships. The stability and trustworthiness of Sequoia is confirmed by the long term relationships maintained with our diverse client base. Our proven record of successful collections has been accomplished by adhering to the highest ethical standards and developing a true team relationship with all our clients. References and client testimonials are available upon request.

          Company NMLS ID: 1416616